Sack it Up …. The Fine Print…

First fill out the request form. Next, raid your closet. Clear out all those clothes and accessories you no longer love or wear. After, all they are just taking up precious real-estate in your closet anyway! In the meantime, Sister Style, LLC will send you a postage prepaid sack to fill. Simply fill it up and drop it off at your local post office. That's it! Easy right!

Once we receive your items we will go through them with a fine-tooth comb to be sure each item follows the rule of 3S's. We will then photograph each item and list it on our website. We price items per the rule of 3S's and we do extensive research and comparisons to make sure our prices are better than the competitor but are also on trend with the current market.
We strive to process your items in a timely fashion. Processing items takes about 5 days from the day we receive the items. We will price your items according to our pricing strategies. We thoroughly research fair market value of retail items and price items competitively, we reserve the right to discount items periodically to push sales. We will list your items for a period of 12 months after that 12 months they will be donated or reevaluated.
Once your items sell a processing fee of $4.99/ per style sack/tote will be deducted from your payout. This fee helps cover costs of shipping your Style Sacks to us and delivery of Style Totes. Style Totes will be picked up within 5-7 days of delivery.

Payout: We strive to be the most honest, fair, and best online consignment store on the web! Sister Style, LLC has developed a compensation plan that beats any competitor by far! No matter what, you will get 50% of the profit from the sale of your items. 

Our Payout Policy Has Changed Effective Immediately

Our Current Payout Policy is this. 

Each month between the 1-5 you will receive an email notification that you have Store Credit. you can either use the store credit, save it and add to it each month, request a pay out via paypal or paper check, or stop in to our Store located at 211 3rd st. Parkersburg, Iowa and request a payout.

Each person who consigns with Sister Style will get 50% of the final sale price of their items excluding tax and shipping. This is an increase from the previous 40% payout for paypal and paper check payees.

What happens to unaccepted items/unsold items.
Once you send your Style Sack back or we have picked up your Style Tote Sister Style, LLC, reseerves all rights to the listing price, and you concede any right to the return of your items. Any items that are not sold or accepted will be donated to a charity of our choice.
Within a period of 6 months from the date your items are first listed, Sister Style, LLC reserves the right do reevaluate the listing of your items including but not limited discounting or donating item that don't sell.
Sister Style, LLC will not return any unaccepted or unsold items to the consigner. Once you send us your items you cede all rights to your items. You can rest assured knowing that Sister Style, LLC will take great care of your items and will do everything possible to get you the best payout possible!
We hope you love sharing style with others as much as we do. There is no reason those once loved items in your closet need to take up space any longer! Let us share them with someone who will love your style as much as you!
~and regardless of what you put on, wear love ~ Colossians 3:14

What happens to the other 50% of the sale?
Sister Style LLC uses the other 50% to help cover the cost of shipping  Style Sacks to us, as well as, other processing fees associated with the listing and selling of items.

What happens to my unaccepted and unsold items?
Items will be listed for a period of 6 months. Within that 6 months Sister Style reserves the right to discount your items at any time to push the sale. If after 6 months they have not sold Sister Style LLC will reevaluate the items and reserves the right to donate items to a charity of our choice. 

How Can I make sure my items are accepted?
That's Easy! Make sure you follow the 3s guidelines.

Season: Make sure your items are in season and ready to sell fast. If Items are out of season your return payout will take longer.

Sell-able: Make sure your items are in good shape! Free of odor, tears, stains etc.

Stamp: Make sure your items have the brands on them and the size so that we know how to accurately price your items and what size they are.

I don't have PayPal how can I receive a payout?
Setting up a PayPal account is easy! Click Here
PayPal is the fastest and safest way for us to get you your money!

You can also request a paper check be mailed to you. There will be a fee of .50 deducted from your payout for this service. 

What if I disagree with the value you say my items are worth?
By sending Sister Style LLC your filled Style Sack you cede all rights to sell or price your items independently. Sister Style LLC will fairly and appropriately price your items. Our Style agents go through extensive retail sales training to make sure that each item is on trend with retail sales prices in the current market. 

I don’t want a cash payout or store credit. Can I donate my items?
Of course! Donations to Sister Style LLC are always accepted. In addition as a thank you for your donation you will not be charged the $4.99 processing fee. Once your items are donated you will not receive store credit or a cash payout. Your items will become property of Sister Style LLC.