For Every $200 you Spend Save $15 on your next purchase!
For Every $200 you Spend Save $15 on your next purchase!
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The value of secondhand

It's September already! Yup we said it OUT loud! Life is officially in the the 9th month of the year 2017! Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies! 

So by now, if your a parent and you have kids in school, you have bought school supplies, been to countless sporting events, bought groceries for the 5th time this month, had to buy new soccer shoes, you have washed 85 loads of laundry, you can't find the matches to 6 pairs of socks you just bought...... ahhhh the list goes on and on... Back to school and Fall is the beginning of the most expensive times of the year! 

That is where consignment store fashion comes into play! Not only is buying second hand clothing a great idea, but it will save you time and money when you can literally shop online from the comfort of your own home! 

There are some fun things you can do to relinquish some of your hard earned money spent so far in the month of the September.. Quickly go to your closet and grab the items you no longer wear and sell them at Sister Style! Here is the link! While your there spend some time shopping for you! You deserve it! 

If you need some friendly advice on just a few things you should always buy used. Check this out! When you buy these things used you will save time, money, and sanity for the more expensive things in life, like family vacations, birthdays, sporting events, etc. 

So there you have it friends. Life may be busy and expensive but the value of second hand clothes shopping huge! 

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