New year New Sister Style!

Wow! There is something to be said about New Years resolutions. 

This year our New Years resolution was to always look up and look for new ways to be better for our shoppers and consigners. 

The opportunity knocked for Sister Style to open a retail store front. After prayerfully considering the idea we decided to go for it! 

So here we are day 2 of the store being open! These past couple of days have been nothing short of amazing! 

We decided to include NEW exclusive styles from Sister Style,  jewelry,kids clothing,  and feature our favorite interior designer/artist with some beautiful home decor pieces. 

We are excited about this new year and new adventure and we hope you will be to! Nothing online has changed we are still Sister Style just... maybe Sister Style with a bit more class and a whole lot more New! 

We thank you for visiting us and pray you have a wonderful day! 


Sister Style

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