Feelings of seasons



Crisp, fresh, leaves, colors, harvest, snuggle, cozy, denim, boots, scarves.

These are just a few words that come to mind when we think fall. We love fall.. 

After Fall comes winter.. what do we think of winter.. 

well.. lets just say 2 words describe the feelings of the future season. Cold & Expensive. 

How can you capitalize on the cold, and expensive part of the current and next season? 

Refresh your wardrobe with consignment store clothing. 

Why consignment store and not brand new? 

It's a proven fact that majority of clothes that you buy and pay full retail price for end up being worn once maybe twice and sit in your closet. Maybe you bought a fancy dress and decided against it later only to find out you lost the receipt and the store wouldn't take it back. 


Again.. Save your money and shop consignment.. You will find you are happier that you got more bang for your buck! 

Enjoy Fall.. Enjoy Winter.. 

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