Believe in the Power of Prayer!

Today I am inspired.

I hear so many beautiful stories of people praying for healing, miracles, or simply any day to day issue and GOD answers! 

He does, it's simple.

Of course sometimes the answer isn't what we want it to be. But he answers! 

I'll share a small story of the power of prayer and how God answers. 

When Sister Style was just a thought in the back of my busy and overwhelmed brain, I started praying and asking God to answer the question, do we open a consignment store/boutique or do I continue my work at home? 

I prayed countless times.

One day around my birthday I received a box in the mail. There was return address so I had no idea who sent it to me. I was intrigued. I opened the box cautiously and inside the box was 2 shirt folders. You know like stores use to fold shirts to make them look perfect on shelves. 

Turns out this was my birthday present from my mother-in-law who had NO idea that I had been praying about opening an online clothing store where having a shirt folder to fold shirts in the most professional manner would come in handy. 

To me that was enough of a "Hey YOU! Go for it" from God! 

The beginning of Sister Style has SO many moments like this. We would pray and he would answer so obviously the creation of Sister Style was not just on a whim type thing. 

Did you know that when you bring your clothes into Sister Style you have the opportunity to give back? That is another reason Sister Style was created. We only have a limited amount of space so the clothes that we can not accept on consignment we donate to our local clothes closet where clothes are free for anyone who needs them. 

Free.. No questions asked. Ahh how relieving for families who just need some new clothes. 

Also we have a donate my earnings option. So if you tell us that you don't want any money for your clothes we put your portion in a big ole bucket and donate to local camps and other non profits in our area! 

We really believe that God has opened the door to Sister Style to make a difference in our community and beyond through fashion! 

Which brings me to my final message for you today. 

I believe in the power of prayer so much that I/we the Sisters of Sister Style want to pray for you! 

On our home page you will see a image that says How can we pray for you. Click on that and fill little form with your first name, email, and prayer request and we will pray for you! 

No prayer is too big or too small.. Just let us know what we can ask God to help you with. 

That's all. 

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